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Hummingbird Announces Non-Recourse Stock Loans & Large Block Purchases of OTC & Listed Shares

January 4, 2020 - Toronto, Canada - Hummingbird Capital is pleased to announce the launch of its OTC share non-recourse loan and purchase share program in the United States and Canada. Solving OTC Share liquidity Issues The past decade has seen ​an ever increasing complexity in compliance and regulations in the OTC markets in the United States. Despite the best intentions, many of these changes have unfortunately penalised many shareholders and OTC publicly traded companies by making it increasingly more difficult and expensive to deposit shares acquired in private placements and other transactions not occurring in the open market. Responding to this need Hummingbird Capital launched its large block purchase and non-recourse stock loan programs. These programs allow investors in Over The Counter (OTC)companies to monetise shares they hold in certificate and in electronic form. These program should also result in assisting OTC publicly traded companies in attracting more capital knowing there are more options for its shareholders to find liquidity. Large Block Share Purchase Hummingbird Capital provides cash offers for your shares. Provided there is no Skull and cross bones on we can likely make an offer for your shares. Minimum value of shares for consideration is $100,000. Learn More... Non-Recourse OTC Stock Loans Hummingbird Capital provides non-recourse OTC stock loans on the Over The Counter and Listed Exchanges in Canada & the United States. Our specialty is non-recourse stock loans, using OTC listed stock as the only collateral. A typical Hummingbird Capital stock loan would be a 3-year Interest Only loan with a highly competitive interest rate based on Prime. Sometimes referred to as securities lending, these short term stock loans are available to help shareholders and investors keep the stock they own while having access to fast cash they need to make other investments or to pay off debt. Our OTC stock loan amounts are dependent on the security, the liquidity, number of shares, price, volatility, trading volume and additional criteria determined to secure, approve and fund the loan. We offer several options for interest payments including monthly and quarterly during the life of the loan. We keep the process easy and once you fully repay the loan, your stock is transferred back to you in full.

About Hummingbird Capital Inc.

Head quartered in Toronto Canada with offices in The Bahamas, Hummingbird Capital is an advisory and private boutique investment banking firm. Hummingbird Capital and its affiliates ("HC") specialize in capital formation and mergers & acquisitions primarily with companies under $50,000,000 in revenues. The HC group offers listed companies financing solutions known as private placements or PIPE (private investments in public equity). Private debt is available to private companies or individuals in the form of hard money secured real estate mortgages in select areas.

Nothing in this website/presentation/communication/email constitutes an offer or solicitation to invest in securities of any kind nor does it constitute any investment advice.

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