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Flexible & Structured 
Alternative Finance

Flexible & Structured Alternative Finance

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Flexible & Responsive

Hummingbird Capital  is committed to providing flexible capital solutions for publicly listed companies via private placements in the form of structured PIPEs (Private Investment in Public Equity).


Hummingbird and its affiliates ("HCI") leverage its capital markets and underwriting expertise to deliver bespoke debt and equity facilities to listed corporates across the globe. Companies frequently require expeditious, tailored capital solutions from a value-add strategic partner that can underwrite complex situations. HCI leverages risk management insights to deploy capital through market cycles and at different levels of the capital structure. This differentiated approach provides an opportunity to be a flexible and responsive capital partner to businesses.

HCI is sector agnostic and focuses on small to medium enterprises in high growth sectors.


Uses and structures

Common use of proceeds include working capital, horizontal/vertical growth, debt recapitalization, bridge financing and more. Understanding of the company’s business model, forecasted use of proceeds and cash flow needs is vital to ensure an appropriate proposal structuring.


Commitments are structured with flexibility and efficiency in mind, analyzing each situation on a case-by-case basis and actively engaging with stakeholders to propose the solution that best-fits each company’s liquidity needs.


Inherent characteristics differ, but all prioritize company idiosyncrasies to deliver the most appropriate financing vehicles. These include, but are not limited to: Structured Convertible Bond Facilities and Equity Capital Access Programs


We see the forest through the trees...
Let Hummingbird Navigate you through the Entire Process

HCI includes individuals with expertise and knowledge in all of the areas that are required to complete the most complex financings.  ​ HCI will help satisfy your dilution and management control  concerns and get you the funding you need quickly..  


Let Hummingbird Capital help facilitate your capital requirements. 


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