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When you are not growing, you are dying.  


Shareholders deserve and demand growth... Before stagnation sets in, let us help you take your company or organization to the next level.  A  Reverse Merger into an existing publicly traded company may be just what you need to quickly take your company to the next step.

Head quartered in Toronto Canada with offices in The Bahamas, Hummingbird  Capital is an  advisory and private boutique investment banking firm.  Hummingbird Capital and its affiliates ("HCI")  specialize in capital formation and  mergers & acquisitions primarily with companies under $250,000,000 in revenues.

What is a Reverse Merger?

A reverse merger (or Reverse Takeover RTO) is a transaction in which a company like yours, is acquired by an existing public company for a large consideration of equity resulting in the acquired company taking control of the public company.  The merger can be structure in a tax free re-organization with the acquired company being the subsidiary of the publicly traded parent company.  The shareholders of the private company exchange their shares for shares of the public company.  In some cases the existing shareholders can receive as much as 90% + of the public company. With this control;, they can change the board, direction, name and symbol to better reflect the new direction.

What are the advantages?

In a word, Speed.​  When you have a great idea or fast growing business, you may want to cut down the time and expense to get to market to take advantage of:

  • Attract better management and employees with a stock option plan

  • Utilise stock as a currency for acquisition of companies and or assets

  • Attract more financing options

  • Allow founders to sell some of their holdings monthly or annually.  Often private companies have great difficulty selling nom controlling interest.  Being public can remedy this.

  • Gain more publicity and creditability from being publicly traded


Buy Public Company 
One stop solution forUSA and CDN listed and OTC Pubco's

Hummingbird Capital offers a full range of services from A to Z.  With our network of agents around the globe, we can find you the right pubco that matches your search needs and wants criteria.   We also provide you with approved service providers for example, lawyers, accountants, or business appraisers to name a few to assist you in evaluating your merger process and control block ; should you elect to take advantage of our full service option package.

Many of our clients and companies we represent will offer financing and some will consider doing "equity only deals". Equity only deals do not apply to start up companies,. They are more designed with already established companies with some legacy and real companies that can demonstrate that they have a viable business model and are enroute to great things or progress that will improve the share valuations of all shareholders. Best of all, all of our companies offered for sale are either ranked as YIELD or have a CURRENT rank with OTC Markets. We insure that they are not branded as "Public shells" as defined by SEC. We also offer and represent some NASDAQ listed companies (some in peril of being de listed from NASDAQ, usually as a result of their inability to maintain NASDAQ share price valuation) which can be acquired at very favorable terms and price; resultingf in a WIN WIN for both your stakeholders, principals and all shareholders alike.  

Call Us: 1 416 

DO you require buy or sell side representation  on a potential merger or acquisition?  Whatever your needs are call one of our representatives to discuss the best options for your stakeholder's and shareholders alike.

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