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Flexi Pave Innovator KB Industries Inc. Appoints Hummingbird Capital as Lead Advisor

Updated: Sep 8, 2022

Wednesday April 4, 2019 - Tampa Bay FL. - Flexi Pave Innovator, KB Industries Inc.. is pleased to announce the appointment of Hummingbird Capital Inc. as its Lead Advisor on its Global Growth and public listing Initiative.

Hummingbird Capital will assist in its reorganisation designed to list the Company’s shares on a US market. Hummingbird will also explore strategic acquisitions to capture additional marketshare and maximise shareholder value.

About KB Industries

About KB Industries Inc. K.B. Industries, Inc. (KBI) created the world's first flexible porous paving in 2001 and offers a comprehensive suite of proven products and solutions to solve the toughest infrastructure challenges. From its category leading KBI Flexi®-Pave to its newest innovations in water treatment and shoreline protection, KBI combines technology and experience to solve problems using innovative materials and designs.

The Company recreated and revolutionized the porous paving industry with the introduction of the original KBI Flexi®-Pave. By combining recycled passenger tire rubber along with rock aggregate in a monolithic surface, KBI created a massively porous, but structural material that can be used for a variety of infrastructure applications to great success. KBI Flexi®-Pave has more than a decade of proven testing and successful project installations across the globe.

KBI is proud to have worked with some of the most respected clients around the world, helping them solve problems and providing them the best solutions available. Some of our notable installations include Yellowstone National Park, Arlington National Cemetery, Disney, Smithsonian Institute, Westminster Abbey and the City of Key West FL, to name but a few.

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About Hummingbird Capital

Hummingbird Capital offers change and implementation project services,strategy deployment, defining and executing a change vision, implementing changes in processes and structures and International finance, tax and regulatory advisory. Our investment banking team provides merger & acquisition guidance & support, buy and sell side advisory and access to international capital markets. Visit:

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