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Bahn Link Appoints Hummingbird Capital as lead Advisor on its global Growth and Public Listing Initi

Wednesday December 12, 2018 - Palos Verdes, CA - BAHNLINK CORP., a Premier Telematics and location based Company. is pleased to announce the appointment of Hummingbird Capital Inc. as its Lead Advisor on its Global Growth and public listing Initiative.

Following Bahn Link’s success in South America and its recent entry into North America the Company has set its sights on an aggressive roll-out of its location based telemetry IOT Technologies (Internet Of Things).

The Company’s IP includes a proprietary rock solid interactive platform which is scalable into the millions of users, and can be deployed with numerous services over countless industries. Current offerings include the connecting and tracking of heavy equipment, vehicle fleets, cargo shipping and inventory management. Connecting and tracking assets almost anywhere on the planet is just the first step, where Bahn Link shines is in its data management and algorithms. Reporting and management not only increases efficiencies dramatically,cutting wasted time and use theft but its predictive algorithms and artificial intelligence goes far beyond monitoring required maintenance. The raw data collected and developed is given meaning and is presented in an easy to understand format for its clients. As IOT continues grow exponentially, Bahn Link looks to capitalise on this IOT growth that will see everything and perhaps everyone connected.

Future B2B Data offerings

BahnLink’s collected data can be sold B2B (Business to Business) as Facebook does with the massive amount of data they collect on users and process through their BI , AI and Big data analysis algorithms. This makes possible to scan and predict our preferences and needs and way of living. The same happens when we focus on ‘things’. Bah Link is at the forefront of this IOT and looks to collect vast amounts of information on not only users, but ‘things’. The Company holds firm the belief that this data is truly priceless.

Hummingbird Capital will assist in its reorganisation designed to list the Company’s shares on a US market. Hummingbird will also explore strategic acquisitions to capture additional marketshare and maximise shareholder value.

About Hummingbird Capital

Hummingbird Capital offers change and implementation project services,strategy deployment, defining and executing a change vision, implementing changes in processes and structures and International finance, tax and regulatory advisory. Our investment banking team provides merger & acquisition guidance & support, buy and sell side advisory and access to international capital markets. Visit:

About BahnLink

BAHNLINK CORP is a Premier Telematics and location based Company. Its products & service offerings target both private and public enterprise in many areas including logistics and on the move workforces. Initially focused in the fleet management, mobile workforce solutions and expanding IOT (Internet of things) the Company’s differentiation is the industry leading predictive algorithms, These algorithms displayed on user friendly Dashboards not only show whats happening in real time, but also show and fully automated BI reports, whats happened in the past and Predicts future actions, recommending new features, actions and preventions. Visit:

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